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Another User experience with Klonopin

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Klonopin is quite an amazing drug and I have recorded my experience regarding this drug and its positive and negative effects as well. But it is also more important to maintain a healthy lifestyle with appropriate food habits. This is not medical advice or anything of that sort as this is my personal observation of how the drug worked on me.

I would begin with the downsides first,


  1. Klonopin helps me to calm down and reduce my stress on most occasions but since I’ve got a lot of injuries since I am a sports person, I feel the pain resurfaces each time I take the pills and that is quite annoying.
  2. My eyesight has become extremely good and I pick up everything from my surroundings, this is a mixed blessing but in crowded places, it is quite bothersome.
  3. I get things done and with being calm and stress-free I can also be productive but sometimes the effect of the medicine is very overwhelming and makes me drowsy too.
  4. Sometimes I feel that my appetite has gone down and I no longer eat the way I usually do; my diet is incomplete without chicken or tuna but now I’ve reduced to salads and sandwiches. So, I started taking nuts to keep my calories under check. I’ve also experienced mild headaches from time to time and that is quite uncomfortable.
  5. Since there is a long half-life for Klonopin, sometimes the effect extends for quite a long time which is really helpful but all the while I have a feeling of tiredness and sleepiness. But in terms of being a sedative, this is a really good one.

All these above-mentioned conditions will be experienced by the user when trying the pill for the first time. Once you have been accustomed to it, it will work in such a way to serve its purpose. However, the drug should be used only under the prescription of your doctor.


On the bright side, Klonopin helps you to calm down and relieve your stress. It also controls panic attacks and seizures. Since this is a benzodiazepine, the pill works by stimulating the GABA receptors and effects on your CNS to help you remain calm. It is also a good sedative and gives you a peaceful and well-rested sleep to help you feel refreshed and active the next day.


  • Choose your online pharmacy wisely as there are a lot of scam websites coming up. If you’ve chosen a site read through their terms and conditions and go their policies and customer services before you make a purchase through them.
  • Try contacting their customer services and avail their advice as they may help you out.
  • Consult a doctor before you buy your pills as they may know you well and may prescribe the pills accordingly.
  • Stick to your prescription. Do not take dosages more than what is prescribed for you and in case if you feel your dosage is ineffective get the advice of your doctor. Does it take decisions on your own?