About us is an Exclusive Klonopin Online Store committed to setting new standards in helping people to get rid of their anxiety by using Klonopin Medication. We offer a high-quality real Klonopin imported from original Manufacture Roche including Generic Klonopin, Brand drugs. We market this medication in more than 156 countries. Each and every member and working staff nearly 19200 of our company is dedicated to satisfying all our customer thereby to create a better life without anxiety.

Why We are Building

We came across many people and we ourselves had the worst experience of anxiety. This made us think that we live in a world people do not voice their health concerns. It all begins with stress and anxiety. The consequences drive them beyond unhealthy and unsatisfying life.

Facts of people with Anxiety

Only 36.9% of anxiety affected people are getting treatment

Every year 18.1% of Adults affected by a mental illness like anxiety disorder

43.2% of people with Generalized Anxiety Disorder are receiving treatment.

In 2002, As per the National health center report, 80% of Americans are affected with Anxiety but could not avail the treatment as prescription drugs cost so high.

80% of US men thought the cost of anxiety medication is very high

It is not just only working with people affected by Anxiety, adults’ young students in the age group of 17 or 20 are encountering different types of anxiety every day.  So, we have decided to help because we know that we can transform this world into anxiety and stress-free.


James Robinson

Business Manager

James Robinson controls all the medical and shipping operations at Before, James was an employee at Mylan Pharmaceuticals as development manager.

Rob Booby

Marketing Manager

Rob was managing all the marketing and customer relations at He worked as an assistant to top marketing officer Gary Stolkinn in New York.

Explore our 14 Years of unconventional success. was founded in the year of 2004 with the objective of helping people who are affected by Anxiety.

The members who founded this Klonopin online pharmacy had experienced the difficulty in getting anxiety medication at the right time for their treatment in the year of 2001. Three members formed a team.  After a lot of research and hard work, launched an online pharmaceutical business. It is not that easy to start our own company.

2004 DAY 1 – First Known as Klonopin Store, started distributing Klonopin only to two states in USA (Oregon and Washington). Local brick and mortar store with 50 employee and two managers.

2005 From Local store to Online pharmacy

Launched Online Klonopin Pharmacy as the result of the USA’s legal approval. Followed that we extend our services to 5 more nearby states of United States proceeded by the success of Selling Klonopin medication in the previous year and by the legal approval of online pharmacies by the government of USA.

2006 Our success stone – After received many appreciations and feedbacks we have decided to extend to market our services to more than 30 states in the USA.

2007 New Partners – We partnered with many leading business firms in promoting our services

2008 Big Hike – After endless success, we have decided to hire many employees as we have started to accept international orders as well.

2009 Milestones – After indulging into domestic and international, we been through a lot of financial problems with the lack of business ideas.

2010 New Leadership – Mike Daniel, who had 10 years of experience in running a successful local pharmacy in LA. We took a veteran’s Advice.

2011 Raised – Hired new employees with healthcare-based experience in improving our services even better. Along with that researched a lot to sustain our quality services in selling Klonopin medication.

2012 – The market has become very competitive as many people’s demand for high quality and low-cost medication rises day by day.

2013 – Rob Bobby becomes a new Chairman and CEO

2014 – celebrates 10 years of Impedance success

2015 – We have transformed into a mid-size company into an exclusive online pharmacy to sell Klonopin for treating Anxiety.

2016 – Increase of Revenue continues

2017 – At 2017, we have shipped more than 8000 doses more than any other online pharmacy

2018 – We become the Top USA’s Klonopin Online Pharmacy

Inspirational Medical Team

We inspired by these people’s efforts in the world of treating anxiety.

Brian Teliho

Psychiatrist, Neurology MD in Georgia

20 years of experience as a psychiatrist. He also majored in Neurology. He provides a health-care solution for anxiety, Depression, ADHD, and mania. A medical scholar of SUNY Update Medical University.

David W Tascarella

Psychiatrist MD

David has dedicated his life to changing the behavioral healthcare in people. He has contributed his work in improving Treatment of behavioral disorders. He also appointed as National Thought Leader in Psychiatry.

Christina Wei

Psychiatric Practitioner, Ph.D., RN, PMHNP

Dedicated to prescribe anxiety disorder treating medication to help people to improve their mental health. Specialise in Providing psychoeducation and rewarded as the best psychiatrist counselor.

Our Mission

At, we are dedicatedly working to lead a better world where people become free from anxiety, the major killer of the population nowadays.

Our Values

Guaranteed delivery

Every order that has made with will be delivered at doorstep without any damage in packages. Per year we delivery 3500 orders out of 4200 placed

Customer Services

Using email services, you can contact our customer support team at any time by dropping an email to

Our commitment

We are selling the best quality Klonopin medication at an affordable price.  As we are committed to providing unbeatable services in shipping and delivering the product. No one in the online pharmaceutical market beats our work. We are genuinely working to help people to cure anxiety. That is the reason why we are able to continue our journey to serve people.




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