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Effects of Klonopin

Effects of Klonopin

Klonopin is used as an anti-anxiety medication. It is an anti-convulsant drug belonging to a class called benzodiazepines and produces a calming effect on the person using it. It helps to reduce the feeling of fatigue and gives them a relaxing sensation, thus it, makes them feel fresh and keeps them going for the entire day.. Klonopin is known to have a relaxation effect which reduces anxiety and also the user can experience mild euphoria and due to its sedative properties gives a quiet and peaceful sleep. The medication will reach its peak effect within an hour which makes the user feel an immediate relief to their conditions. However, it varies from person to person and that is why one person using Klonopin will not have the same effects as the other person using it.

The common effects of both positive and negative effects of Klonopin are listed below. Since the drug is prescribed only for short term usage, it will provide its effect efficiently only when taken as by the prescription. Using the medication for a longer time or increasing the dosage will lead to negative side effects. Some of the positive and negative side effects of Klonopin are:


Treats depression

Treats anxiety

Treats panic attacks and seizures

Gives an overall calming effect

Gives a well-rested sleep


Less co-ordination


Suicidal thoughts

Allergic reactions like rashes and itching

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Where to find cheap Klonopin online?

cheap Klonopin online

If you are looking to buy quality Klonopin pills online there are various drugstores that can serve your needs. If you intend to buy Klonopin for cheap rates it is effortless to do so as there are legitimate online pharmacies that sell genuine Klonopin pills to help you save money.

Before you head to purchase the pills online, you need to be aware of certain things.

  1. Klonopin Lawfulness:

This is a prescription drug meaning that it is against the laws of the country to purchase the drugs without prescription. Countries such as the US, UK, Canada, and Australia have strict rules regarding the sale of these prescription pills. Strict actions would be taken against those who engage in activities relating to the sale of prescription medicines. Seldom have there been cases such as this in the US, as people have purchased Klonopin numerous times in the past and there never have been any issues.

  1. Purchasing Klonopin pills online

Not all countries have strict laws and it is quite contrasting when it comes to the legality and Klonopin categorization. Excluding the above-mentioned countries, if you intend to buy Klonopin online make sure you check the following factors before you purchase the pills,

If you are very much concerned about how Klonopin effects you, you can also take into consideration the affiliated product named Clonazepam. It is the prodrug to Klonopin meaning it initially metabolizes your body. It helps by effecting the drug in a slow manner thereby providing with the same effects even after you switch to Klonopin. It is 100% legalized prescription medication and you can purchase the pills how many ever times you want, speaking only for the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. You can also choose from various other alternative drugs other than Klonopin to achieve the same results.

  1. Klonopin manufacturer- logo related to a Klonopin producer

All the Klonopin outlets have their sources in the United States of America. These are esteemed pharmaceutical firms and you need not be concerned about the quality of the product.

You can also purchase various other pills from these stores other than Klonopin also.

Sun Pharma manufacturers and HAB Pharma are the quality manufacturers from where all the dispensaries in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia have their sources from.

Where to purchase Klonopin online?

This is the most important decision that you have to take. Although all the online dispensaries have their sources in the US and you can buy quality pills from US-based companies it is also equally important that the pharmacy has a good reputation and is dependable. Also, check that the pills they deliver are manufactured in the aforementioned pharmaceuticals.

Buy from dependable vendors and make sure that they are available to you whenever you need them. The ideal place to buy Klonopin online is From the time this site was launched, there were positive reviews and customers were happy with our service on several occasions and how it worked out well for them once the pill had taken its effect. Klonopin was also sanctioned by FDA(food and drug Administration)

Doctors insist on taking this drug orally and it has known to treat anxiety and panic attacks. This works by affecting the central nervous system and calming them thereby providing relief to the users. It belongs to the class of benzodiazepines and thus helping to control or prevent seizures.

Our site, ensures high-quality pills and efficient service to our loyal customers. We provide reasonable and low-cost pills without reducing or affecting the quality of the pills. We also provide fast delivery so that the package arrives at your doorstep without any hassle. You can link to our site to buy quality pills from our online pharmacy and count on them for your medication.

Where can we buy Klonopin online besides the different generics?

You can order pills from various outlets but not all of them have the same reputation, reliance, and safety. You cannot risk buying unknown pills on the internet. is a trustworthy and reliable site where you can buy risk-free drugs with guaranteed assurance. We have our sources from pharmaceuticals that have a high reputation and that which manufacture the drugs with care keeping in mind the welfare of the people. Sun Pharma and HAB Pharma are the high grades Klonopin labels. Users have said that the drug causes no issues even after a prolonged time of usage. also provides the users with discounts and coupons adding to the lowered cost of the medication. You can avail the offer and suit your needs also we have a wide range of brands and you can choose from anyone of them and make use of it accordingly. Drugs purchased from us has earned customer satisfaction and positive reviews all over from our users. Indeed we have our loyal customers whom we have served through the years.

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5 Things to Keep in Mind While Shopping to Buy Your Klonopin Online

Buy Your Klonopin Online

Klonopin is considered an effective drug that helps to control panic attacks and seizures. It is strictly a prescription medicine in the United States. There are also many online dispensaries in case the customers are not comfortable with buying from physical stores. Or you can buy Klonopin online here

Also look out for these following things when you order the medication online,

  1. The appearance of Risk-free Klonopin:

Though there are lot of online vendors mistakes do happen when dispatching the product, so that the correct package may not arrive. So it is best to check and double check once your package arrives. One of the best way is to check for generic brand names relating to the definite Klonopin products.

  1. Packaging

Almost all the prescription drugs have an identical packaging. The packing would be the same for both the drug ordered through online and that is bought from a physical dispensary. Also make sure the packaging is not tampered.

  1. Dosage specifications:

Standard Klonopin packaging is always authorized with dose specifications mentioned. Anything else other than that or if the package does not look professional we would advice that you do not accept the package.

  1. Go for alternatives:

You will sometimes find variance when you order certain generic medicines. This is presently unregulated inside the United States. This proves to be helpful for people who look for a more lawful alternative. Considering this it is always better that you order your Klonopin pills from, so that you can get your pills in an unregulated manner.

  1. Buy Klonopin Risk-free:

It maybe quite a job if you are ordering for the first time as you may not know which site will offer safe medications. In cases such as this you can read the reviews on sites like Reddit where users who have already experienced the effectiveness of the drug have posted their reviews and opinions. You can then choose from the various options available. Choose from the ones that can be safe during the long run.

Buying Klonopin online:

Do not blindly trust the reviews. Read through the site’s terms and conditions and then if you find them to be trustworthy you can then further proceed top place your order online. Do not be fooled by big-name retailers as sometimes they also are involved in selling products that are not authenticated. Our website guarantees customers that the drugs that you buy from us are safe as our priority the safety of our loyal customers.

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Klonopin an Agonist Substitution treatment

Klonopin an Agonist Substitution treatment

Belonging to a class of drugs called benzodiazepines, Klonopin helps to treat panic attacks and seizures. It is the composition of the drug that makes it more effective and comes under what we call as ‘smart drugs’. The patient feels a calming effect once he intakes the drug as it activates the neurotransmitters in the central nervous system. And thus, it helps to achieve the desired effect in the patient.

Effectiveness of Klonopin:

The effectiveness of the drug is relatively slow but after the drug is consumed the effect stays on for a longer time. Since it is used in the treatment of anxiety and other similar disorders and it is a quite valuable sleeping aid. It is intentionally prescribed for the same. The drugs sometimes have adverse reactions and therefore it is not prescribed to patients who are previously treated with severe mental illness or substance use disorder.

Adding to anxiety treatment it is also used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Klonopin not only effects reduction of anxiety it also includes euphoria and slowed reflexes. The main reason why the drug is addictive. The medication does not stimulate the brain but it would rather provide a smooth effect on it.

Using Klonopin as an Agonist Substitution treatment:

Taking these drugs on a regular basis increases the person’s dependency on the drug and in the long run becomes an addiction.

Before using this drug regularly it is necessary that you consult your doctor and seek their guidance. Though the medication is aimed at the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks the users also get the added benefit of cognitive enhancement. It becomes impossible for them to be without the dependency of the drug as they are used to performing certain activities after they have consumed the drug. Also, if the user feels either he is recovering or addicted then the consumption of the drug may be stopped. There would be a point where they would not be able to do any tasks without the help of this seizure preventing agent. Stop taking the drugs gradually by reducing the dosage as sudden halts can cause serious withdrawal problems.

Users are prone to get addicted to this drug because of its effects and that is why it is mandatory that you consult your physician and get the prescription before you use it on a regular basis.

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Are you buying clonazepam Online Safely?

clonazepam Online Safely

Clonazepam is one of the peak selling medications in the whole universe and it is available easily in the online stores. While purchasing this drug from offline stores you must have to go through some gaps such as legal Rx, additional cash as taxes and other types of mess. However, these things would have totally disappeared in the online dispensaries. Of course, ordering Klonopin in online stores are very simple, easy, and convenient. The query which would have been rising between a lot of its (Clonazepam) customers is Are the online pharmacies in fact safe?

Fine, not even a single person could provide a precise explanation for it. The reason is similar to fluctuating a few can tell it is safe whereas, others stand by telling DEFINITELY NO. All right, let us go through a few instructions on purchasing Klonopin (Clonazepam) safely from online stores or dispensaries.

Clonazepam is a highly powered and widespread anti-anxiety medication which is specially designed in the mode of soothing the anxiety issues. This is considered to be the prescription-only medication in the United States while valid Rx is in need afford it from any drugstores.

In the meantime, it has also been easily found in over-the-counter in the places such as India and the United States, there to have a few rules over there. Here are certain guidelines to consider while doing online shopping for Klonopin.

Certain features which have to be considered is pointed out below.

  • Top Klonopin Dispensary
  • Comparing various factors among online med stores
  • Legalizing its information

So how do we begin?

As stated above the three features would be vital and it plays a significant part in the buying process of any drug online. These three would be sufficient for you to narrow down to order it safely.

Top Klonopin Dispensary

  • The first and foremost is that look for the online dispensaries which you might be thinking that it is reliable and also go through their disclaimer, rules, and terms and conditions. Understanding their rules would be vital however, a lot of them have missed it. It surely assists you to acquire additional info about the online stores.
  • Check whether you could be capable of linking with their customer care support team with the statistics they provided. They have to respond to all your inquiries concerning the processes and drug.
  • Read their consumer’s recommendations so that you could gain knowledge about the dispensary on the whole. You can also read the stated drugstore reviews in the well-known review websites before heading to receiving the Klonopin from.
  • Check for the physical address of the drugstore and from where they have the shipping unit etc. The address would be certified by the right-hand sources.

Evaluation among various factors

This technique is very vital and it narrow downs to find out the trustworthy one. The thing which wants to get fixed is to link certain features between several online dispensaries and crack down the best deal among this. You might link among:

  • The Drug Price
  • The genuineness of the Portal and
  • Delivery Sites
  • Quality of Clonazepam
  • Delivery Time
  • Significant Seals
  • Reviews
  • Ratings in reliable websites
  • Rules and Strategies.

Legalizing the information

After once making a purchase, ensure that you could be capable of tracking your order with respect to find out the site, over which carrier it is shipped, calculated time of arrival and also return strategies. By authenticating that information, you could legalize by what means the drugstore is at work, are they functioning as per their standards or not. You could also communicate with their customer care support team members with regards to any type of accidents.

It is recommended to select an online dispensary that has the extra benefits which afford to you, they might eyewash by providing such fortunes in the name of sake to delay their working procedure from you.

Concluding judgment

By considering the health-related types of things we reveal you to purchase Klonopin Form, where you could avoid those certification procedures as we mount up every single feature which is stated above. You could communicate with our customer care support team members in case you have any demands for additional help.

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Klonopin for Work: The Vital Anti-Anxiety Drug

Klonopin for Work

Back in the existence of more than a few centuries in the past while the working and functioning of sedatives were growing, it was that time when the anti-anxiety medications were introduced. On that time, Clonazepam (Generic Klonopin) was at first set up in the United States and so far, it was recommended as the way out for the anxiety disorders.

The most important purpose of taking Clonazepam is to stop anxiety and remain healthy, however, it is often consumed for curing the panic attacks. And yet this medication is allowed to use with authorization and recommended to the individuals who require a sophisticated level of effort on the work, etc. In the meantime, for the reason that it has been set as it enhances the inspired level working hard and making up things more effective.

Thus, workers consuming Klonopin for working in the mode of addition who need to attain a few superior effects in their competitive works. It proliferates the desire of workers for using a piece of new equipment. Therefore, intake of the capsule during the everyday routine work will assist them to prepare for the entire single day job. It takes most likely an hour or perhaps two to begin working efficiently.

Distressing features such as social networks, going out with families and friends at the time of work, it helps to isolate such distressing features. As a result, and so, when they are concentrating on a particular thing, the consequences will be better.

In the time being, the amount of work especially the heavy-duty jobs will be growing so as to they are a purpose to pay more stamina and to work additional time. The necessity for the rest is reduced and such that the significant work will be done even after eight or twelve hours.

On the other hand, the worker’s life is being slightly inflexible, as the duration of time that they work will be moreover wide-ranging and from time to time the jobs they planned endlessly within the period of one or two days. Hence, they require a few spaces for their social life. Most workers will desire to seek for their types of work at the closing date. In the same way, they stab to fasten up the things by working up the things late at night, having tea, coffee, and other energy drinks, etc.

The drug that is chiefly consumed to stop the anxiety problems, clonazepam will aid the workers to remain healthy, but also sensibly and even effectively. Clonazepam has to turn out to be a great substitute for coffee and hectic nightfall. However, this anti-anxiety medication recovers the long-term and short-term panic attacks so that you are all set to admit the new task.

When the work is very hard to perform and the workers need to concentrate more on their work, so there must be a supreme-level of consideration. Clonazepam increases the effectiveness without the greeting of any side effects. However, clonazepam is consumed for working so, it is not the routine medication, and there are not any effects of changes in mood. You will also not get high as you take it a replacement for an enthusiastic work.

Klonopin for Work: The mechanism behind it

Whereas there is not any exact mechanism set upon by what means this medicine have a sensitive impact on the body function and supports to increase the work performance. Being a sedative medication, it is also well-known as an anti-anxiety medication. Hence this medication could improve the working skills of an individual and keep them encouraged.

By what method this medicine works for improving the performance has not set up till now. Still, the scientists are trying to discover and to some degree, they list the features which direct to run it. The intake of Klonopin by working men and women is been obviously acquainted with the other people as the power of the medicine assists them to complete their difficult responsibilities. It makes them become only a little anxious and allow them to withstand sophisticated work level than the usual.

Klonopin for Work: Dose Information

There is not any suggested dose level for taking Klonopin for working people. Anyways the dose level prescribed for an individual having the conditions like heavy duty and shift work anxiety disorder could use 1 mg for each day over and over again. A few persons would buy Klonopin online and use the dosage as they desired especially required for the hard works or working for a long time.

Let us take for an instant that when your work would not be very interesting however you will be extra driven and eager to get completed with your works without being any postponement. Suffering anxiety issues while working will be reduced. When you begin using this anti-anxiety medication, you would get the best effects of course.

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It is always necessary to have a prescription that has been advised to you by your doctor before you proceed on to the next step of ordering Klonopin online. This drug must be consumed only one time per day or as recommended in the prescription by your medical care provider.

For the medicine to arrive at a productive level in the blood it takes approximately about two weeks. On the other side, it can be noted that quite a number of people are using or rather consuming these medicines even though the long-term effects of these medicines could differ importantly from person to person.

Klonopin is currently being utilized for the treatment and care of anxiety disorders such as panic disorder, seizure control and it is often intended for the treatment of a short period of time. Doctors would decline the prescribing this medicine once the desired effect is attained. The best site to order Klonopin online is Order Klonopin Online with the Overnight Delivery Option would be an ideal choice when you need the pills immediately.

Why do customers prefer Klonopin with fast delivery?

Always go according to the advice of your doctor. Seek their help before you order any drug online. If your doctor has prescribed the medication then consider it’s the perfect medicine of judgment knowing your medical state and symptoms.

It is necessary for your doctors to monitor and keep you in check if they have prescribed the medication for you because the long-term effects on using this drug have an unnecessary side effect that may still further have adverse effects on the user. Therefore, you consuming the Klonopin is solely under the guidance of your doctor as they know the working of the drug and whether or not the drug would be suitable for your body conditions.

Adding to these certain other alternatives may be suggested by your doctor like diet and exercises that may assist in alleviating these difficulties. It is not advisable to do so and you would have to tell your doctor about your condition and stop this right away.


Our Klonopin online dispensary has a price match to the competitor advertised sale prices with similar products. You can also avail the best prices by buying from our overnight delivery package. It is for these reasons it is guaranteed that you can buy Klonopin online from

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Klonopin VS Ativan, Do they similar or different?

Klonopin vs Ativan

Klonopin and Ativan are medications that help treat the user with anxiety issues and panic attacks. They are additionally employed in the treatment of seizures. Klonopin is an anti-anxiety medication whereas benzodiazepine is employed for the management of hysteria disorders. They enhance brain activity by affecting the release of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and is also effective for insomnia and panic attacks caused due to depression.

They are only a thin line that differentiates Klonopin and Ativan from each other.

How it works:

Klonopin (clonazepam) and benzodiazepine(lorazepam) help within the treatment of panic attacks, anxiety and seizures caused throughout the same. Their main function is to enhance brain activity by affecting neurotransmitters. Ativan is sometimes prescribed for patients having a sleep disorder and panic attacks and additionally helps in preventing nausea that results from the therapy.

However, it always best to consult with your doctor and have prior knowledge about the medication before consuming them. It is best to know the nature of both the medicines; we have furnished the true information up to our knowledge but then there are more to it. Therefore, it is always best to seek out the guidance of your doctor.

Side effects:

Approximately half of the patients reported the condition of sedation after they consumed the medication and the other one third reported dizziness, other side-effects

  • Feeling of depression
  • Loss of orientation
  • Headache
  • Unsteadiness
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Fatigue
  • Amnesia
  • Changes in sexual desire
  • Rashes
  • Irritability

Serious effects that can occur once the drug is consumed more than the prescribed amount

  • Respiratory depression
  • Enlarged liver
  • Suicidal thinking and behavior
  • Increased heartbeat rate
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Blood disorders

Drug interactions:

Both Klonopin and lorazepam accentuates the results of the medicine that the patient had already consumed and makes them go into accumulated sedation. There were cases of marked sedation once lorazepam was given to patients who have already been tranquilized.

Therefore, it is mandatory that you keep consulting your doctor and they increase or decrease the dosage amounts to eliminate unwanted reactions. Always be careful to use drugs until the desired effect is needed and then gradually decrease the dosage and later on completely stop it,

Below are the drugs that interact with Klonopin or Ativan

  •  Abilify(aripiprazole)
  •  Benadryl (diphenhydramine)
  •  Fish oil
  •  Morphine
  •  Aspirin
  •  Ibuprofen


Since the working of both the medicines is similar in their aspect, one major distinction is a strength and the cost of the drugs. Always keep your doctor informed about any setbacks or advancements that tend to happen during the consumption of the drug as it would help them to prescribe the right amount of dosage levels. Any doubts or questions regarding Klonopin or Ativan can be put forth to us or even clarified with your physician.

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CLONAZEPAM DOSAGES – 1mg OR 2mg Which one should I take?

clonazepam dosages

Having a prescription given by your doctor and knowing about the drug before you use it to treat the specific condition is always a better choice. Anxiety and seizures can only be treated best if you ensure the right amount of clonazepam dosages to be taken.

There are customers who would like to purchase the drug without the use of a prescription also for its other capabilities pertaining to a smart drug. But as mentioned earlier it can have best results and can prevent unnecessary side effects if you know the drug or take the help from your doctor as they would know the right amount that has to be prescribed for you. Always try to start with minimal dosage to know the effectiveness of the drug and then you can increase your dosage step by step depending on your body’s need.

Clonazepam dosage levels

Clonazepam works by reducing the abnormal electrical activity of the brain and thus helps in controlling anxiety and panic attack prevention. The dosage level will depend on two major factors, the age of the patient and their medical condition.

For seizures:

It is best recommended that to avoid side effects or addiction caused by the drug an average of 1.5 mg dosage can be given to adults until the conditions are adequately controlled. For children and infants, a significantly less dosage amount is prescribed. They should not take more than 0.2mg, as it would add to the existing anticonvulsant regimen.

Clonazepam 1mg:

The lowest amount of clonazepam that can be consumed by the patient is 0.25mg, but the dosage can be increased to 1mg per day as this can have notable changes for those having panic disorders. This medication can be consumed by both children and adults without any risk of side effects.

Clonazepam 2mg:

This dosage is generally prescribed to adults who are having panic attacks. The doctor prescribes this dosage if the patient has the ability to withstand its effects. However, a study has shown that consuming higher doses were proven to be less effective than 1mg per day which had more adverse effects.


The drug sure does help in the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks but what matters the most is consuming the right amount with the guidance of your doctor neither more no less to avoid undesirable side effects and addiction. For those patients who are using this drug on a long-term basis, reduce your dosage amounts gradually to avoid experiencing withdrawal. Intake the drug as prescribed by your doctor and follow their guidelines and instructions safely for a speedy recovery.

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Klonopin VS Xanax: Studies Shows One Is The Best Among The Two

Klonopin VS Xanax

Last Updated: May 24, 2019

There are various smart drugs for the treatment of anxiety. But here comes the tough part. Though it is a boon that people can treat themselves with these medications for their condition, which one of these do they choose? Have you been on the same road trying to figure out which medication is the best suited for your anxiety conditions? The main battle comes between Xanax and Klonopin. Have you ever been confused between these two drugs failing to choose one effective medication of the two? Well, you aren’t alone. This confusion ensues among a lot of people out there who sometimes give up not being able to make their own decisions. The irony is that choosing one of the drugs to treat anxiety can put you under anxiety attacks by itself. One way to sort this out is to consult a medical doctor who would be able to assess your condition better and suggest the one that might prove better results for you. However, if you are looking for other ways, this article might be of good help in decoding the effectiveness of Xanax and Kloponin by considering several other factors like the usage, uses, side effects, effectiveness and much more.

At the end of this particular article, your mind would be cleared off the possible doubt and help you make a good decision about one of the smart drugs for your anxiety. I also hope your confusion fades away just like these two medications make anxiety, panic attacks and seizures disappear.

Overview – what are these two medications really?

Klonopin and Xanax are mostly prescribed to treat psychiatric conditions like anxiety disorders, panic attacks, and epileptic seizures. However, the functionality of both these drugs changes with respect to the individuals and body conditions. So, an overview of both these medications is necessary to understand it better.


Klonopin is a benzodiazepine that acts as a depressant on the nervous system. It works mainly on Anxiety, Agoraphobia, panic attacks, and seizures. The active ingredient of Klonopin is called Clonazepam, while the generic name also goes by the same. Klonopin is the brand name of the product and it helps with the relaxation of the nerves. It generally calms down the agitated nerve impulses by acting on the GABA receptors and increasing their activity. Klonopin is an FDA approved medication used for the treatment of anxiety-related conditions.

Klonopin generally helps people with relaxation and it shouldn’t be used for treating more than four weeks or so. It can be risky causing addiction and hence it needs to be consumed under the proper guidance of a doctor.


Xanax also comes under the group of benzodiazepines and the drug’s generic name is called Alprazolam. It goes by the branded name Xanax in most of the online and offline dispensaries. Xanax plays the role of an agonist on receptors that initiate sleep in the body system. So technically, the active ingredient Alprazolam binds with the GABA receptors and increases their activity in the brain to produce a sense of calmness and relaxation. Xanax helps people gain control over their social life by reducing social anxiety. Xanax can be used for long term treatment with respect to anxiety but it needs to be administered with the consultation of a doctor.

Benefits of Klonopin and Xanax

Though both these medications are used for similar treatment conditions, some of the benefits might change due to several reasons.

Klonopin is known to treat

1)    Agoraphobia. This condition is characterized by anxiety in which people fear certain places and avoided it due to the feeling of getting trapped in it. Fear of open spaces and fear of elevators come under this category.

2)    Panic attacks that arise with intense fear or discomfort leading to palpitations, accelerated heart rate, sweating and shaking.

3)    Epileptic seizures due to abnormal or excessive neuronal activity in the brain.

Xanax is known to treat

1)    Psychiatric disorders with increased levels of anxiety involving fear worry or any other specific phobias.

2)    Sudden attacks of panic or fear.

3)    A chronic mental health condition called social anxiety disorder where social interactions can cause abrupt anxiety.

Klonopin Vs Xanax – Side effects

Like most benzodiazepines, Klonopin and Xanax do have the potential to cause significant side effects. However, the side effects of both these medications are mostly mild and the intensity of the side effects depends on the individual’s health condition, abuse of the drug and other factors.

Both Klonopin and Xanax produce drowsiness and itching in some people. These are the most common side effects between them, while the other slightly common ones are Skin rashes, Difficulty in breathing and hives.

 Side effects of Xanax

The effects of Xanax due to overdosing or medical conditions can result in a variety of side effect depending upon the individual. However, some of the side effects of Xanax are

  • Dryness in mouth
  • Headache
  • Confusion
  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Drowsiness
  • Light-headedness and bad mood
  • Irritation
  • Sleeping disorders

Side effects of Klonopin

The main side effects that are experienced in people with Klonopin have been listed below.

  • Drowsiness and Dizziness
  • ENT infections
  • Weakness in the body
  • Lack of coordination in the muscles
  • Drop in the mood

Klonopin vs Xanax with Usage

Both Klonopin and Xanax treat the same conditions. Xanax is majorly considered as a studying material, but however, it will not improve the intellectual skills of the students. Klonopin medication is used by many Doctors, Students and even scientist use this to come out from Anxiety.

In addition, it will improve the performance of an individual.

Klonopin vs Xanax with The Medical Values

Xanax and Klonopin depress the CNS and reduce brain activity largely to bring about relaxation in the brain neurons.

Klonopin is usually used for only short term treatments, say up to 4 weeks. Also, the dosage forms available for Klonopin are 2 mg tablets, which need to be taken 1 to 3 times per day in divided doses. Klonopin has been approved by the FDA to treat seizures in children.

Xanax is used for long term treatments of anxiety with the likes of immediate release and extended release oral tablets. 0.5, 1 and 2 mg are the common forms of the dosage. Xanax has not been approved to treat seizures in children, while it can be effective in adults and the elderlies.

Risk – Addiction to Klonopin and Xanax

Klonopin can become lethal when it is mixed with other substances. The risk of Klonopin arises when the user consumes more dosage than the prescribed ones or when the drug is consumed for more than 4 weeks. However, with a history of drug abuse in the past or alcohol abuse, the users are prone to get addicted to Klonopin. Addiction with Klonopin can be very deadly and extreme where the number of people has come forward to create awareness on the same. It is strictly advised that the user avoids taking Klonopin with Alcohol.

The risk with Xanax is usually encountered only when the person consumes a high amount of the medication as opposed to the prescribed one. The risks also occur when Xanax is taken with alcohol, consuming it for a longer period of time, stopping Xanax abruptly or when the user is suffering from depression.

Both these drugs can cause a significant amount of high and addiction, where the one produced by Klonopin lasts for a long time, while the high outcome of Xanax is usually shorter. Klonopin has a slightly increased probability of developing tolerance when compared to Xanax. Also, the half-life time of Klonopin is lengthier than Xanax.


Both Klonopin and Xanax are anti-anxiety drugs, where they shouldn’t be used for longer periods of time for treatment. Klonopin is usually taken fewer times than Xanax due to the half-life period. In this case, Xanax can be a bit inconvenient. The withdrawal effects might be severe in case of Xanax too. However, both the medications pose a threat due to the possible potential of abuse and dependency.

This information might have helped you make a decision as to which one of these drugs could be effective for your medical condition. No matter which drug you choose, it is important that you don’t develop tolerance towards it and also use it in a way that it gets rid of your anxiety disorder and other related issues effectively.

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