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CLONAZEPAM DOSAGES – 1mg OR 2mg Which one should I take?

clonazepam dosages

Having a prescription given by your doctor and knowing about the drug before you use it to treat the specific condition is always a better choice. Anxiety and seizures can only be treated best if you ensure the right amount of clonazepam dosages to be taken.

There are customers who would like to purchase the drug without the use of a prescription also for its other capabilities pertaining to a smart drug. But as mentioned earlier it can have best results and can prevent unnecessary side effects if you know the drug or take the help from your doctor as they would know the right amount that has to be prescribed for you. Always try to start with minimal dosage to know the effectiveness of the drug and then you can increase your dosage step by step depending on your body’s need.

Clonazepam dosage levels

Clonazepam works by reducing the abnormal electrical activity of the brain and thus helps in controlling anxiety and panic attack prevention. The dosage level will depend on two major factors, the age of the patient and their medical condition.

For seizures:

It is best recommended that to avoid side effects or addiction caused by the drug an average of 1.5 mg dosage can be given to adults until the conditions are adequately controlled. For children and infants, a significantly less dosage amount is prescribed. They should not take more than 0.2mg, as it would add to the existing anticonvulsant regimen.

Clonazepam 1mg:

The lowest amount of clonazepam that can be consumed by the patient is 0.25mg, but the dosage can be increased to 1mg per day as this can have notable changes for those having panic disorders. This medication can be consumed by both children and adults without any risk of side effects.

Clonazepam 2mg:

This dosage is generally prescribed to adults who are having panic attacks. The doctor prescribes this dosage if the patient has the ability to withstand its effects. However, a study has shown that consuming higher doses were proven to be less effective than 1mg per day which had more adverse effects.


The drug sure does help in the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks but what matters the most is consuming the right amount with the guidance of your doctor neither more no less to avoid undesirable side effects and addiction. For those patients who are using this drug on a long-term basis, reduce your dosage amounts gradually to avoid experiencing withdrawal. Intake the drug as prescribed by your doctor and follow their guidelines and instructions safely for a speedy recovery.