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Klonopin an Agonist Substitution treatment

Klonopin an Agonist Substitution treatment

Belonging to a class of drugs called benzodiazepines, Klonopin helps to treat panic attacks and seizures. It is the composition of the drug that makes it more effective and comes under what we call as ‘smart drugs’. The patient feels a calming effect once he intakes the drug as it activates the neurotransmitters in the central nervous system. And thus, it helps to achieve the desired effect in the patient.

Effectiveness of Klonopin:

The effectiveness of the drug is relatively slow but after the drug is consumed the effect stays on for a longer time. Since it is used in the treatment of anxiety and other similar disorders and it is a quite valuable sleeping aid. It is intentionally prescribed for the same. The drugs sometimes have adverse reactions and therefore it is not prescribed to patients who are previously treated with severe mental illness or substance use disorder.

Adding to anxiety treatment it is also used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Klonopin not only effects reduction of anxiety it also includes euphoria and slowed reflexes. The main reason why the drug is addictive. The medication does not stimulate the brain but it would rather provide a smooth effect on it.

Using Klonopin as an Agonist Substitution treatment:

Taking these drugs on a regular basis increases the person’s dependency on the drug and in the long run becomes an addiction.

Before using this drug regularly it is necessary that you consult your doctor and seek their guidance. Though the medication is aimed at the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks the users also get the added benefit of cognitive enhancement. It becomes impossible for them to be without the dependency of the drug as they are used to performing certain activities after they have consumed the drug. Also, if the user feels either he is recovering or addicted then the consumption of the drug may be stopped. There would be a point where they would not be able to do any tasks without the help of this seizure preventing agent. Stop taking the drugs gradually by reducing the dosage as sudden halts can cause serious withdrawal problems.

Users are prone to get addicted to this drug because of its effects and that is why it is mandatory that you consult your physician and get the prescription before you use it on a regular basis.