Ordering Information

Please go through this section carefully before you order Klonopin pills with us.

Note: This is the page for information on the ordering process. If you have any queries or wish to talk to us, then please use the contact page to email us on the support@klonopinonlinerx.com.

How to place an order for Klonopin?

To place an order with us, you will have to select the desired dosage form of Klonopin and also mention the number of pills required for you. Once you are done with that, add those items to the cart and proceed to checkout. At the checkout gateway, you will have to first provide a valid address and your full name for the billing information. On the next step, you will have to select your desired payment method from the listed methods for convenience and then proceed with the payment process.

Once you complete the payment process, your order would be accepted by us and then we would send you a confirmation mail on the same within 24 hours. The order will be packaged and shipped to the provided address in a discreet way. Please provide valid addresses for we cannot take responsibility for undelivered packages with fake address. Our systems have been designed in a way that it could provide you a safe and secured delivery of your package on time. We can guarantee on this since our success delivery rate is 99.98%

You can choose from the following payment options that we provide at our site.

  • Western Union
  • E-check
  • MasterCard

Western Union

Is this payment option new to you? Please do not worry for we are here to guide you through the process of payment with Western Union. With Western Union, you can either send the money at any Western Union outlets or even pay with your credit or debit card.

How to pay via Western Union?

The process of payment through Western Union can be done either online or through a phone call.

If you wish to do it online, you will have to create a profile for you through the site or with an app and then log into your account. From there the process is just easy by which you can pay the money by sending the amount from your bank account or a credit card to our bank account for placing your order. Once you are done with this process, we will send you a confirmation mail along with the tracking number of your order.

If you wish to do it through a phone call, our representatives will call you immediately once you place the order with us. With a working credit or debit card that can send money worldwide, our representatives can guide you through the payment in easy steps.


E-check is just like a paper check option where the amount is transferred from your account electronically over the ACH account. This is how the payment is done with E-check. It is an online payment that is widely used by all businesses today for its working mechanism and secure nature. It is also convenient and you can just be done with it in easy steps.

How to pay for Klonopin via E-check?

If you wish to pay via E-check for Klonopin, then please select this option from the list and then you will have to enter the Bank name, Bank account number, E-check number and other important details to pay for your Klonopin via E-check.

Please be careful when you fill these details like Account number, bank name and the number at the bottom of the check. By default, the account number comprises of 8 digits usually and sometimes the length of the digits might vary depending upon certain factors. But make sure you enter the details correctly.

Also, please be aware that no money will be deduced from your savings account.


MasterCard is a type of payment used by many customers out there for the payment process. MasterCard is a popular financial intermediary worldwide that provides secure gateways to make purchases online with your Credit or Debit Card. However, make sure that you have enough money in your card before you go about with this process.

Stepwise procedure to buy Klonopin via MasterCard

Once you are on the checkout page, you will have to enter your Name and address for the billing information and then proceed to the next step where there are various payment methods for you to choose.

Select MasterCard as the Payment method

There are various methods listed out for payment from which you will have to select the MasterCard option. In case you aren’t able to select this option or not able to access your card for payment, please contact our representatives who would be able to help you out as soon as possible.

Enter your Card details

Please make sure that you have entered the correct details printed on our card. Enter the name as it is mentioned in the Card along with the Card number, expiry date and the code. Also make sure to enter the three digit pin visible at the back of your card.

Enter the address

The billing address must be entered as mentioned in the MasterCard to get through with the transaction. If you are not clear with the address, please check your card statement.


The payments done at this site are very safe and completely anonymous.

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