Payment Options

Our Klonopin online store provides different payment options to our consumers. Thousands of people are making a purchase of the medication every day from us. So it is our duty to make the easy access of our website to them such a way we have made our payment options pretty easy as well. Here, we have provided different payment options using which our customer can make payment for the medication.

Some of the payment options that we provide on our website to our customers are Debit Card, Credit Card, E-Checks, Bitcoins, and Amazon Pay. As we offer various payment options, the customers are free to pick up the one which suits them better for making payment for the medication.

Cash on Delivery (COD) is also available from our online store. The customer can also choose this method if they want to pay for the drug on delivery. However, this method is restricted for certain people in the country. Customers who are located close to our online store location can use this facility, thus they can pay for the medication at the time of delivery. Once the package has been reached to your place, then you can make the payment to our delivery person by cash. So, as said, the payment should have to be made by cash only, no cards or hand checks are accepted at this method.

In the payment section, the customers are free to choose the payment option that is convenient for them to make a transaction for the products. If you have chosen the credit card payment, then the page will redirect you to the secured online payment gateway where this mode of payment will be done. For Credit card and Debit card, you need to provide the information about your card number, name, expiry date and your CVV number for making the transaction.

All those details that are provided by our customers will be kept secured and the provided information will not be sold or shared with any third parties at any cost. So, you don’t have to worry about the information that you provide to us.

You are requested to provide the correct details about the card, if not you will not be able to make payment for your order. In the same way, you can make use of all the other methods also.

If any person is having queries regarding the payment options, then such person can contact our customer support team. Our customer care representatives will help you in ordering the medication online from our website.

We hope that our customers would find these payment options to be more convenient. None of the information about the card that you provide to us will be leaked or shared with anyone. Also, it is necessary of you to log out from our online store website once you are done with purchasing of the medication.

There are certain chances where other people might get to misuse of your account details. So, if any queries regarding it, then do speak to our customer care representatives and get cleared about securing your information and other safety measures.

All those instructions are very simple and easy to follow. As of now, we are only providing the MasterCard and E-Check way of payment options whereas, the other payment methods are under process by our technical team, soon they will also be available for making payment online

Online payment options would help you to make payments for the medications that you buy from our online store. You have to provide the right information and make payment for your order very easily. Our payment options are secure and are stress-free for the customers in making the payment for the purchase from us.

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