Privacy Policy

Introduction: makes sure that all details and information that has been given by the customer is safe. The various policies that are offered have been explained below.

What sort of information does the site collect:

The information that has been collected from the customers would be used as per abiding by the laws of the country and for the following reasons. The information collected from the customers is for the following reasons,

  • To develop the purchase of the customer
  • To offer the best of services from our side

The user can subscribe to the online channel to in order to get updates and receive newsletters. Only on permission from the customer would we mail you all the aspects. However, the customer is free to unsubscribe the channel at any time according to their wish.

What details do we collect from our customers:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Mobile number
  • Card details (credit card/debit card information)
  • Email address
  • IP address

In case the user is already under approved medication, the site would ask the user to impart their medical details and medical history. It should be noted that we respect our customer’s privacy and do not ask for any kind of sensitive details or information without their permission.

The information that the customer has offered to us would be available in the account. Owing to privacy and security concerns we do not sell or share any of the information to third parties. The site uses the information only for the effective sending of newsletters or email order notification and it would not use the customer’s information for any other purpose. Any queries regarding private information would be clarified and justified at any time. All you have to do is contact us.

Keeping the information:

The site would keep the information as long as it is necessary. The reasons why we retain the client’s information are,

  • Depending on the nature of sensitivity of your medical and personal details
  • To keep a check and to inform the kind of harm that can happen when an unauthorized person misuses it.
  • To know the usage of the private data that we have gathered.
  • To inform the customer regarding any legal requirements that apply

Use of personal information:

  • To send the status of the customer’s order
  • Access to certain licensed drugs that the customer purchases
  • Send emails regarding the coupons, offers, and promotions
  • To know and understand the behavior of the customer

Customer rights:

The customer can request the personal information that we hold and it would be responded within a month’s time, we do not charge an extra or additional fee for the printed copy of your details.

We provide the following rights to our customers,

  • Rectification
  • Access
  • Deletion or cancellation
  • Data portability
  • Consent to withdraw
  • Object to digital marketing and advertisements

Physical and electronic security:

The website is created in such a manner that any kind of information that the customer has given is protected from unauthorized users. This site is committed to protecting the privacy of its users from third parties, the site also undergoes regular physical and electronic procedures that ensure the safety of the customer’s details and information.

Service improvement:

All the information that has been collected by the site is only with prior consent from its users. The details that have been collected works on the better functioning and improvement on our part as well as for the customers. Since customer safety and privacy is our utmost priority we make sure that we take the necessary steps to take care of it properly.

Our services would be updated from time to time and the customer will have to check the updates and stay updated.


Once you entered into our website, your activities will be monitored. This is because monitoring your activities will help us to understand the needs as well as the interest of the customers. The information that we monitor includes date/ time, IP address, URL, referral and exit pages, as well as location. We use our storage server to save all such information and this is called Cookie. Customers have the rights to switch off or disable the cookies option from their computer