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Klonopin generic is grouped under the class of drugs called benzodiazepines that normally induce feelings of calmness and relaxation in the brain to suppress anxiety, stress, panic attacks, and seizures. Klonopin generic affect the chemical imbalance in the brain and hence it is mostly preferred by people who get stressed due to their work or the ones who suffer from anxious behavior alone and in social gatherings.

The drug is also suited for the treatment of panic disorders and seizures apart from stress and anxiety. Each tablet of Klonopin generic consists of the active ingredient called Clonazepam. The Klonopin generic is the US-US version of the branded Klonopin that is also cheaper and as effective as Klonopin and Clonazepam.

Klonopin generic is an FDA approved a drug that is mostly prescribed for people who suffer from stress and anxiety due to social-economic conditions and not due to mental illness.

The medication is only suited to calm down brain agitation and causes only a few common side effects when it is used appropriately in the right doses.


The initial dosage of Klonopin generic for anxiety and stress should be as low as 1.5 mg per day. The dosage must be administered in a series of divided doses that can go up to three times a day or more. But the maximum dosage value is limited to 20mg per day. Klonopin generic can be used with food or even without food. Please take this drug with food if you tend to experience stomach upsets.
The dosage value must be increased every three days from 1.5 gm to 2.5mg as per the convenience. Klonopin generic can be taken then and there when you experience any signs of anxiety or panic attacks.

Side Effects

Klonopin generic also produces certain side effects when it is not used properly as per the doctor’s dosage guidelines. A few of the common side effects of Klonopin generic include fatigue, skin paleness, runny nose, appetite loss, Confused feelings, and blurred vision.

The common side effects, if not attended properly can lead to severe consequences like seizures, random eyeball movements, quick heartbeats and bruises.


Klonopin generic is contraindicated in people who have problems or diseases related to liver, kidneys, glaucoma, breathing, drug addiction and other allergies with the active ingredient of this drug.

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