Terms and Conditions

Read through on the terms and conditions of access in depth on our website and other domains and subdomains. This is applicable to all the information and data that are available on this website. Acceptance of privacy policy and usage of our website is taken as a legal agreement. If the terms and conditions are found to be unsatisfying in any means then the user does not have any authority to access the website. The user must regularly check the websites as these terms are liable to change on a regular basis. These changes will not be notified to the user beforehand or prior in action. Accessing and viewing our website after these changes have been made is considered a general acceptance of our updated terms and conditions.


Any kind of notices or information will be conveyed to the user through the electronic access that the user initially used to connect to us. This electronic communication from our side will be either through emails or posts. By connecting to us the user has agreed and consent to all the notices and communication that we provide you.

User’s Account:

Keep confidential information such as your user ID and password safe. By creating an account in our site we agree to all the activities that occur from your account. In similar terms, the site also has the right to terminate in case any kind of error is found or if the user doesn’t seem to comply or oppose our policies. The site also has the right to delete or edit content and even the services to the customers may be canceled at times. Also, there are valuable reasons as to why we do not take or refuse certain orders.

Authorized Limitation to Access the Screened Material:

Any information that is provided on the website should not be used for commercial purposes. The legal rights are owned for our access and the users should not interfere with this and they are prohibited from doing so. This means that the user does not have any right to access, edit or remove content that is in this site in an unauthorized manner.

The user does not have the right to use the images or any other provided information, the images of the people or places posted on this website are either owned by us or issued under permission.

Exact Information: Warranty Exclusions and Liability Limitations

The site will not guarantee that all the information has been over-viewed and verified by any medical professionals or FDA generals. The assurance of the warranty that the content will be true endlessly will not be given. Also, we do not give any sort of assurance as to say that the site will fulfill all your needs and meet all your requirements. We do not provide warranty as to assure that the content will be completely correct, up to date, reliable and complete. The user can also drop their information on our site and this would be used, distributed and forwarded as per the interest of our purpose, by doing so the user has complied to our terms and policies.


Privacy of our users has been our priority although there are certain limitations to it. Therefore the user by agreeing to our privacy policy, they agree to get the privacy as under the privacy norms and policies. Do refer to the privacy policies for further information based on the subject. The links that are available on the website have their own privacy policy, read through that before accessing the information from the other sites.

Third Party Site Linking:

Our website does not have links with any third party company as such and those links that are linked to the third parties are not controlled by the site owners. We can assure that the contents they provide will be useful and will satisfy the user’s needs, also we do not provide a warranty that these sites will be legitimate and authorized and the information that they provide will be true at all instances.

User’s Limitation to Our Liabilities:

The site does not take responsibility for the damages that have been caused by the software or the system. Similarly, the gain or loss of the information or knowledge will not be held accountable by us. Failures that may have occurred while accessing the site and any sort of damage or corruption of your documents, the company will not be held responsible.