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Trending!!! Selena Gomez suffers from anxiety and addicted to Klonopin

Selena Gomez addicted to Klonopin

Millions of people around the world would definitely know that Selena Gomez has been affected by the Lupus, an immune disease. Selena has gone off the grid after she confessed about that she is struggling from Lupus during her Revival World Tour in 2016. This has led her to the anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. The fans are very much worried about her illness but it took time for her to reveal this issue to the public.

In the middle of her Revival World Tour, Selena Gomez has announced to the public that she is taking some time off from the tour as she found the symptoms of her illness caused by Lupus. However, she is alright now after a kidney transplant from a friend of her’s. But, during the time she has been suffering from the Lupus disorder, she distanced herself from the public eye and possibly from everyone else.

A friend of Selena Gomez told during an interview at Radar Online on September is that there are no news or any information has been heard directly from the Selena so far, it’s been really weird that she hasn’t called anyone for few days. Even her mom (Mandy Teefy) was also unable to reach for the past few weeks as she has been dealing with this issue.

During such time, Bieber criticized his fans for being not so good on her then-girlfriend, Sofia Richie and he has shared some of the pictures of them together in a car. Selena Gomez has suggested to Justin Bieber that he should not be sharing any photos of Richie at all. However, in turn, people have accused Selena of using Bieber for fame and of possibly she been cheating Justin with the singer Zayn Malik.

Although many people believe that the Selena Gomez’s struggles with the anxiety and depression were caused due to her feud with Justin Bieber. However, Radar Online has claimed that her struggles have begun back in June when her friend Christina Grimmie was shot dead by a fan in Orlando, Florida.

She was so depressed after this incident. Her act of reactions was so different, we can say she was devastated after the death of her friend. Another source told that her depression and anxiety is not caused due to the feud between her and Bieber, that has nothing to do with the struggles she has been facing right now. But the comments on her weird activities after certain issues brought a varied reports and news regarding it. Some might say it is due to her allegations against Bieber as many have claimed that he had cheated Selena multiple of times.

On August 30, 2016, Selena Gomez has checked into an unnamed rehab center after returning from her performance in Auckland, New Zealand. Although she did not confess about any of such issues in her statement to her fans during that week.

It is found that Selena Gomez has been consuming Lunesta, Ambien, Klonopin, and Xanax. Not everything at a time also somewhat more recreational than anything specific. It is not the right way to consume the medication as they are a prescription drug that has a potential to cause addiction to the users. In detail, Certain people get into Klonopin addiction as they use it frequently. This hikes the reason for Selena to visit the rehab center back in the United States.

On August 30, Selena in an interview to the People Magazine opens up about her issues, that explains why she has been off from her tour and her career while she was at the peak that time. She was the most followed person on the Instagram in that year. She states that she has found that she has Lupus, an immune system disorder that might affect the life of people in many different ways. She also added that anxiety, panic attacks, and depression can be the side effects of Lupus in her system which makes her face more challenges regarding her health.

All she wanted was to maintain a stability in her Mental health and focus on her happiness which is why she had taken a time off from her career, she explained to the People Magazine. She thanked all of her fans for their care and support. She mentioned that how special each and every one of them to her, but she needed to face this issues so as to ensure that she is doing everything possible at her best. She knows that she is not alone by sharing her struggles and hopes for everyone to come forward to share their own issues that they are facing.